Fusion Indian American Wedding – Intimate Backyard Mehndi

There are backyard mehndis and then there is the Espinoza/Cain/Joshi Fusion Indian American Mexican Mehndi!!!! After a night at the Espinoza household, we think it is safe to say that Casey and Hiren aim large – and in charge! What a great night by the poolside with this couple. Their energy is contagious – that’s for sure! This was a fusion wedding week to remember. Here is a look into an intimate night with the exceptional couple. Props to Mandap Creations for the amazing decor and knocking it out of the ballpark!


Espinoza backyard mehndi
What’s better than a poolside party


Espinoza household backyard mehndi
It’s fiesta time!


Fusion Indian Wedding decor
Fusion Indian Wedding decor at its finest.


couple shot
Before her hands were occupied…


mariachi band plays at backyard mehndi
Let the music play on!


Guitar player at the backyard mehndi
Sing me a song under the moonlight.


Food truck vendor at backyard mehndi
Crazy Corn food truck for the win!


Fusion Indian Wedding decor
Fusion Indian Wedding decor shines bright with color!


Home decor at backyard mehndi
Stairway to heaven.


Espinosa household
Espinosa household


#thejoshiwedding backyard decor
thejoshiwedding is a wedding to remember!


pool decor for backyard mehndi
poolside under the moonlight calls for a night of romance!


poolside decor for backyard mehndi
What’s a party without lanterns?


backyard mehndi decor
The full view!


home decor for backyard mehndi
When the sun goes down, the party lights go up!


Here’s the amazing team that made this magic happen:

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