Ambreen & Sean – Mehndi & Sangeet, Austin, TX

Ambreen & Sean and their guests had arrived at the Hilton Downtown for their Mehndi & Sangeet in Austin, TX from overseas. I use this British-ism, as Britain is where these two met – that too in an office where Sean showed Ambreen how to use a scanner 🙂 – how romantic! Their guests came from far and wide – Hong Kong, Australia, England, Kenya! We had some of them Yankees down here too, and there was Sean’s dad sporting a traditional Indian Kurta (shirt) with his Texas Cowboy boots!! God bless fusion and the blending of cultures!

Sean and his family are originally from Austin, but he now resides in the UK. Ambreen, is Indian, by way of Kenya and is going to Medical School there. The lovely couple resides in a wonderfully named city – “Royal Leamington Spa” or just Leamington to us common folk.

I’m so glad the couple chose Austin as their wedding destination. I was honored to be a part of this wonderful celebration. Here are some amazing photos from the Mehndi and the Sangeet, food and dancing that followed! I can’t wait to feature their gorgeous wedding from Laguna Gloria! Stay tuned!

























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