Divya & Praveen – Indian Engagement Photography, New York

Divya & Praveen – Indian Engagement Photography, New York

I had a blast shooting Divya & Praveen’s Indian Engagement photography session all over New York (Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge). I instantly fell in love with Divya’s panache and Praveen’s elegance. Divya and I shared hearty laughs all around Central Park, while Praveen smiled ever so slightly. She is his gorgeous Punjabi belle; He is her Southern Indian Shaktiman! They exchanged glances, filmi-style, on work commutes to Princeton. Both of them used their ‘desi’ network at Bloomberg to find out about the other. After a blown date, multiple “why-should-I-talk-first” bus rides, and finally a dance party later, these guys were finally dating! The Brooklyn Bridge shoot was a bit of a fiasco with their cab driver getting them lost, and we almost missed the sunrise! But I think their love and warmth exudes from these photos and they look wonderful togethe! Thanks y’all for making Biyani Photography your Indian Engagement Photographer!





















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  • Criti-Quelle-Belle Posted June 2, 2012 2:43 pm

    Beyond an artistic perception!  There is an inner dance of romantic music infused in the images of a beautiful love.  The “artist” photographer is a skillful craftsman, too!  The camera is but a tool!  Wow!  

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