Indian Engagement Photography – Galveston, Texas

This amazing fusion Indian American Engagement shoot comes to you from Galveston, TX! This was our first trip to Galveston and we were amazed by the beautify of our surrounding and this gorgeous couple! We started the shoot just before sunset, and the colors in the sky were spectacular! Gorgeous blues turning orange, crimson and black! The Galveston Bay and the Pleasure Pier served as the backdrop for this fusion engagement. Navreet even made Alan bring out the “other woman” – Alan’s bike – for a few photos as well 😉

We can’t wait to photograph their fusion Indian American Wedding in Austin!

Engaged mixed Indian American Couple

Pleasure Pier - Galveston, Texas

Indian Engagement Photography - Galveston, Texas

Indian Engagement at Sea - Galveston, Texas

American Fiance picking up Indian Fiance during Indian Engagement

Indian Engagement ring on finace's shoulder

Engaged Indian couple walking on pier

Fusion Indian Engagement couple sitting on the pier - Galveston, Texas

Indian bride leaning against finace - Galveston, Texas

Fusion Indian couple crossing the road - Galveston, Texas

Indian Engagement Ring and bride holding her shoes

Indian Engagement Photography with Bike - Galveston, Texas

Indian Engagement Photography at Twilight in Western clothes - Galveston, Texas

Indian Engagement Couple outside Moody Mansion - Galveston, Texas

Pleasure Pier shot at Night - Galveston, Texas

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