Punjabi Sangeet – Omni Westside Houston, TX

The Gulati & Narula families sure know how to throw a Jaggo & Sangeet! We enjoyed every second of this wedding weekend with this shining couple. They shared happiness and laughter with us the entire time and wouldn’t have it any other way! Here is a quick look into the grand sangeet night hosted by the lovely Trishna and Jai.

Houston Punjabi Sangeet Decor
Sangeet decor fit for a king and queen
Houston Punjabi Sangeet Decor
The dance floor is calling my name!
Houston Punjabi Sangeet Decor
Sweet Sangeet treats
Punjabi bride
Reflections of a bride.
Punjabi bride
Shining on this very special Sangeet night!
Punjabi bride and groom
Caught in the moment!
Punjabi bride and groom
Twirling into your arms!
Punjabi bride and groom
A moment in time.
Punjabi bride and groom
In unison on the dance floor – Sangeet partying!
Punjabi Jaggo
Jaggo Jaggo Jaggo
Punjabi jaggo and sangeet
Teach me how to Jaggo
Punjabi bride and bridesmaids
Girl crew!
Punjabi groom on the dance floor
Dance – off!
Punjabi wedding decor
Front row seats!

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