Destination Engagement Photography – Kolkata, India

The destination & travel gods were good to me in 2014! I got to travel & create beautiful images and memories in some amazing cities in the US, but also shoot destination photos in Istanbul, Amsterdam, Kathmandu, Budapest, Panama City!

This particular shoot comes to you by way of Calcutta (or Kolkata), a 300 year old city which was founded and settled by the British. The city is eerily similar to London, and Calcutta’s buildings and monuments are testament to the British Raj.

I wanted to capture some of that glory in these Engagement Photos. (Oh! Engagement Photos are called “Pre-Wedding Photos” in India, as I was politely informed) We started the shoot at the crack of dawn, or the pollution, traffic, and masses would have overrun us. The epic Victoria Memorial Hall was our first destination, and its white marble and somber facade provided a wonderful contrast to the bride’s bright red dress and cheery smile!

Two other things that made this shoot very special to me were the facts that (1) I grew up in Calcutta, and (2) the beautiful couple are my brother-in-law & to-be-sister-in-law. They will be getting married on December 7th, 2015; and I hope to bring back some amazing photos from that celebration as well!

Here’s to a wonderful 2015! Cheers!














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